Thales Topwings

A unique, integrated, end-to-end Electronic Flight Bag


TopWings is a networked Electronic Flight Bag solution that integrates hardware and software seamlessly, streamlines operational efficiency and significantly reduces operational costs. TopWings global solution delivers the right information to the right people at the right time, transforming the aircraft into a communication node of the airline’s information system. Thales Topwings provides a dynamic information solution for aircraft operators enabling the live transfer of data from the aircraft to the ground.


Astek is supporting Thales on the development of a full range of applications, from design to integration.


The result of this collaborative innovation approach will be an EFB solution designed to provide pilots with fully digitized access to all information required for the entire journey, from the moment they leave home to the moment they return. Operational efficiency improvements will also provide significant cost reductions for operators.

The new software system will integrate a wide range of functions seamlessly such as e-Documentation, e-Briefing, e-Logbook or eWeather, within one simple solution with an intuitive graphical user interface designed by Man-Machine-Interface specialists. Leveraging the system’s connectivity functionalities, pilots will have access to realtime information that enhances their situational awareness.