Total WeeGaz

Connected weighing scale

Total challenges

  • How can Total consumers avoid gaz break during cooking?
  • How can Total consumers avoid carrying the gaz cylinder to a gaz station and bring it back home?
  • How can Total create a relationship to their customers? 

Our innovative solution

  • Developed 30 connected weighing  machines with web application that  allowed Total to offer new business  model
  • Specified the technical requirements and architecture for connected  weighing machine for gas bottles
  • Prototyped a connected weighing machine
  • Ran the Proof of Concept for both hardware and software

Benefits and added value 

For Total :

  • Avoid unnecessary storage of empty gas cylinders in users
  • Establish domestic gas consumption user tracking in real time
  • Develop new services centered around the user

For Total customers :

  • Control in real time the contents of the gas cylinders
  • Optimize gas consumption
  • Limit the risk of rupture their gas stock