Information Technology

The Information Systems (IS) market is rapidly changing. This evolution is double edged for entreprises : creating critical problems or uncovering a host of opportunities. IS support all business processes and are an essential component of revenues, operational performance and competitiveness.  We guide and assist our clients in their IS transformation and enable them to seize new opportunities by making the most of technology in this very fast moving digital technology environment. 

Organizations are currently facing a global challenge: they need to increase performance and promote innovation in a challenging business context. Technologies are the way to meet these objectives and are the cornerstones of every business.

Thanks to its in-depth knowledge and long-standing experience in IS, Astek has acquired a strong expertise in Business and IS applications and IS transformation. We deliver innovative technology consulting for businesses to win the digital battle.

Our teams cover the whole IS life-cycle, from the design of master plans and maintenance of third-party applications for service centers, through to assistance to contracting authority and project management, our mission is to help our customers carry their IS transformation projects through technology and innovation.

Our services centers boast advanced skills in state-of-the-art technologies such as mobile solutions, web portals, the cloud and analytics. By helping them conceive and implement their innovative strategies, Astek contributes to the growth and competitiveness of its clients organisations.

Our areas of expertise

Web and Mobile Solutions
Cloud Transformation
Risk and Security
High Level Architecure
Big Data